About Us

Our People

Empowering the workforce is key to growing an organization

Core values of Gulf Cryo, and its 1500+employees are curetted to uphold the legacy of the organization and its continuous success.

Since inception the company was known as the Kuwait Oxygen and Acetylene Company, and has aimed to establish it’s mark as an integrated organization.

Over the years, we, the Gulf Cryo team, have always kept faith on our exceptionally admirable talents who constantly maintain great communication and an efficient global work culture to keep a continuous flow of superior quality of work and upgraded performance. As a team, we infuse responsibility, safety, transparency and accountability in our work to deliver high standards both in business and in professional ethics. Our journey towards success is a continuous process as we always strive for excellence in every area of business.

Our route to success is always guided by our accomplished Board of Directors and our executive committee members who hold exceptional and profound knowledge in their respective fields.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Gulf Cryo always plays its role as a concerned and responsible corporate citizen. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, we as a global organization are constantly involving ourselves into various humanitarian services which contribute to the economic and social prosperity in the countries that we operate.

In our endeavour, we constantly strive to create a positive impact with various activities on segments such as– social, ethics and environment; fostering the best possible relationships within communities.


Proud team of over 1000 professionals